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3 Steps To Get 1000 Follower On Twitter

3 Steps To Get 1000 Follower On Twitter

how to get your first 1000 followers on twitter and it’s a very simple strategy. There’s only three things you got to do and if you can do this every single day, then you’ll be able to get there so much faster than I did, because it took me about four four and a half years to reach my first thousand followers, because I Didn’t understand what to do.

My Bio was all over the place. My content was all over the place. Sometimes i’d take forever off, like I just take giant breaks for no reason whatsoever, and it just took me so long, but I eventually did reach 1 000 followers, but once I started to figure out the strategies that i’m gon na share with you today I was Able to go from a thousand followers.

It took me over four years to get to to now over 2 600 followers in so much less time, so we’re going to get into the Strategy right now. The first thing is get your bio right. I’ve talked about this.

1. Get Your Bio Right

My other twitter videos, because it’s just that important you want to have a good profile picture. You want to have a good header image. You want to have a good written bio that attracts your ideal follower and you also want to have a really really good Pin Tweet, so really quickly. I want to give you a couple tips that i’ve i’ve come across more recently Is this thing called pfp maker: you just type it into google.

It helps you create a really attractive profile picture. So, if you’re, using your face, you can like take the background out and give that like really bright, attractive, color to get more attention on your profile and if you use this in combination with the strategies i’m going to share in a little bit, it’ll help. You grow a lot faster.

Also, I use I use canva to create the twitter Header image. It’s a really good software to use for that, and you can use it for free to create something. That’s going to be eye-catching once people get to your profile from there.

2. Create a Pin Tweet

You want to create a pin tweet, which I said, and this is really where the magic begins to happen. It’s the first type of content that people will see on your twitter, so you want to make it really good, really high impact. It could be a One-off tweet, but I do recommend a thread either giving a tip tutorial or insight or sharing your story, and the thread, if you don’t know already, is a series of tweets where you kind of reply to yourself.

So you can extend the content, but you still want to make it to the point high impact, so that can help people know what you’re about and how you can help them or what kind of value you provide, whether it’s entertainment inspiration, education Whatever it is. You want to have that as your pin tweet make it the best tweets that you can possibly have and the highest impact pin it to your profile from there we can get into the action strategies. The number one thing to do is just post three tweets a day: that’s it no more, no less three tweets a day on the timeline and that’s gon na really help you keep your timeline fresh, keep the value going and attract new followers every so often and Get things Moving that way, but if you’re under a thousand followers, this is not really the primary growth vehicle for your account.

3. Comment in Other User

But what it is is doing comments commenting on. Maybe let’s say you follow 100 to 200 accounts that you really like that are maybe around the same topic or something similar and all you do is you make friends right, you build Connections and all you do to do. That is comment and talk with them.

Like you would in a real conversation and share your own experiences in the comments, and this is really where you get the attention. So if you’re able to do this 30 times a day, make 30 comments a day, you’re going to get so so much attention, and since we already set up the bio right, it’s going to attract your ideal follower. This is what’s going to take your account from Really not getting a ton of engagement, maybe getting a couple followers a day to getting tens of followers a day which adds up very very quickly, just by simply commenting and engaging with other accounts that you like.

That’s it that’s the whole strategy so again get your bio right, tweet three times a day on the timeline and then 30 comments a day and you will be able To get there so so much faster, and this is kind of what i’m doing right now and It’s working incredibly well, so there’s one bonus tip, which is use a twitter scheduling software like hype, fury’s, the one I use and there’s a bunch of other ones out there, and this helps you just pretty much wake up schedule, your tweets and when you have the Time throughout the Day, make those 30 comments and that’s all you got to do. That’s that’s the whole secret and I probably shouldn’t be posting it this way, but that’s pretty much. Every twitter growth guide out there.

It’s the way. It is just how you grow and you can see this happen in real time on my profile as I grow, my own account and I think once we hit it, 10 000 Followers, i’m going to share the more advanced strategies to get to that next level. After you have your first 1000, so that’s the whole tip.

That’s the whole strategy, that’s really it it’s that simple and all it takes for now. All it takes now is for you to go ahead and do it. So if you have any questions, let me know in the comments and if you haven’t already head on over to and Sign up for the email list, we’re going to send out new tips every single day, not only to help you grow social media, but the Primary thing I do is email marketing, so you can take the twitter followers and help them sign up for your email list, which is a better way, in my opinion, to start selling products and services. So you can make an income from growing your twitter account.

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