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Big Mistake You Can Make in Email Marketing

Big Mistake You Can Make in Email Marketing

The biggest mistake you can make with email marketing is making things too complicated if you’re struggling to make sales there’s only a few things you got to do number one is learn: email, copywriting, that’s not just writing the emails that sell, but it’s also researching what your Ideal customer wants what they want to avoid, what they like, what they don’t like and what they need. I know that all can sound very Similar, but they are a little bit different in terms of the messaging that you have and then, when you learn that and you do, that, you sell a product and once your customer buys you sell them something else.

So learn copywriting sell a product once they buy, sell them something else, and that’s all you got to do how you do it is where things get complicated, because a lot of companies out there will set up automations for This and that and so when people are Listen, they get this particular campaign over here and then they’re done. They have a tag and they go to another one and then when they buy, they have another tag and they go to another campaign and then people who don’t open they have another campaign, and it just makes things incredibly complicated. If you’re struggling to make sales, you don’t need any of that to get things going Now, if you’re already making a bunch of sales – and you already have the automations, then you probably shouldn’t be watching this video because you already know what you’re doing.

But if you are struggling to make sales, the only thing you really need to do is keep building your email list right, because you need a fresh, fresh eyeballs on your offers. You send emails that make offers, and once they buy you, you can either put a tag on them. Just keep one Tag: just you have free list and customer list, and then you have other emails that sell something else.

Now. Personally, I keep things even more simple and I have one list for all my offers. Of course, i’m a personal brand gabe johansson, so I i do things a little differently than say a company would do or if you’re, an agency agency, doing email marketing for other companies.

This is probably not for you, because, if you’re an agency, you know This and you already know how to set up all the campaigns, but if you’re doing it for yourself or for your own business, then again just keep it incredibly simple, because that’s all you need And all you really need is those skills, so you learn direct response marketing. You learn email, copywriting and then you apply those skills to your emails to get people to buy. And again, I know I keep saying this, but it’s that important is once they buy, sell them something Else, and that way you can keep things really simple, not only for yourself, but for your customers.

It’s not like. You have to have 17 different campaigns. 17 Different automations just to make sales. So what I personally recommend if you are new and you want to make sales with email marketing, maybe set up a three to five email, automated campaign to welcome people Onto your list into your world and make your main offer. After that campaign is done, just send broadcasts two three five seven a week.

Whatever you can stick with, keep it consistent and then you can go from there. As you learn more the email marketing skills, then of course you can add more automations. If you’re growing your list by like 20 to 50 people a day, maybe it would be good to have a little bit more automation, but You still go back to those basics.

The email copywriting sell them a product and then sell them something else once they buy. So that’s the main message here: keep things simple, keep things very straightforward and if you want to learn about email copywriting, I shot a video that’ll. Give you some great resources on how to learn.

Email copy, the mindset behind it, how to be more persuasive and it’s actually uh three different resources that you can Get completely for free and you listen to those every single day and you’ll be able to increase your skills. So when you go ahead and write your next email, then you’ll actually be able to write a better email.

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