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How To Get First 100 Email Subscribers

How To Get First 100 Email Subscribers

How To Get First 100 Email Subscribers and I had shot this video twice now and I kind of went on too long because it’s really quite Simple what you need to do so we’re going to get right into it right here right now. The first thing you need is a good landing page with a good offer sure you could do it on a blog where you have The post under the forums.

Build  Good Landing Page

You could do pop-ups, you could do like other kinds of ways to opt-in, but the number one way is to have a landing page that has a headline that talks to your ideal audience what they want and or what they want to avoid. Then you have a call to action right and then you have the subscribe form. That’s it keep it really simple.

You don’t need all these fancy backgrounds and templates, and all this stuff, i’m not Even kidding white background black text, maybe some color on the button like that stands out a little bit makes it obvious that that’s where you need to go to subscribe, and that’s it. That’s all you need. You can do this with free aweber account, you can do it with convertkit.

You can do with get response. All the email, marketing software’s have landing page builders built in that you can. You can create this page, it’s so simple, but it Works because the main point of the page is to be like hey.

I can help you with this subscribe. That’s the offer. If you give me your email, I will give you xyz and that’s it.

That’s really. All you got to do so. If you don’t already have that start there get that done, get it done today, get it done as soon as you’re done watching this video get it done, because the longer you put it off the longer It’s going to take to get 100 subscribers so get that Going right now and the next thing right, the next thing you need to do is get traffic.

Get Traffic To Your Landing Page

That’s it! That’s! Really! All you got to do build the landing page get traffic. Well, so how can you get traffic? How can you get it quicker? Well, in my opinion, there are two ways you can get traffic a lot quicker. One is social media right, but not just Posting, because posting and praying takes a long time, but I think that engaging with other people is the fastest way to get attention.

No matter what platform, if you’re on instagram, if you’re on twitter, the fastest way to get eyeballs on your link, is put it in your bio, create a compelling call to action. Really short that says: hey join my email list for xyz, you don’t want to say email list but be like hey. If you want to learn more about Xyz, subscribe or click, the link below right, we’ll stay with that, and then you just go ahead and engage on social media.

Just be a person right, add value to the community. I know it sounds pretty generic right, but just chat with other people find like-minded people find people who would be your ideal customers go like their posts and check out what they got going on, engage with the community. I know I keep saying It, but it’s that important and if you’re, just starting out, if you just want to get your first 100 email subscribers, that is probably the best way to do it, and it doesn’t take a lot of time 20. 30 minutes a day.

Just do it every single day and you will be able to get those subscribers pretty quick and the cool thing is: is they’ve already interacted with you in some way in some way, whether it’s a comment or a like in some way, they’ve already seen Your profile Right so they already feel like they know you a little bit more than someone who comes out from like an ad like an email ad or something like that.

So that’s an advantage because when you start sending them emails, they have already interacted with you in some way, like maybe personally, through the account, so that’s really powerful. The next way is advertising right. That could be So many different things.

You could do. Instagram shout outs. I’ve actually had a decent amount of results for that not for email list building, but for getting attention on my profile, where I wasn’t promoting my email list, but I got people subscribing that way you could do youtube ads, which I want to start doing soon.

So i’ll give you some results on that, but I know a lot of people. Do it really really well like the industry ads that pop up, probably before my video, You can also do, of course, facebook ads, which I have not got results, but I know a lot of people have and there’s also the one that I like, but you have To do it a certain way is solo email ads right, so you pay someone else to run your ad about your newsletter or your email list or your lead magnet whatever you want to do, however, you’re doing it now you advertise it in someone else’s email list, But I would have completely avoided the solo ad networks, like those are not Good. There’s too many people scamming people out, but you can work with someone who has an email list in your niche like whether it’s a blog email list or like someone else on social media.

That has an email list and you can say hey. Would you be interested in running an ad i’ll pay you for it, and then that way you can get some really good traffic really good, really quickly and there’s another thing: there’s another one that Is um a whole different type of traffic, which is collaboration traffic. Now this is the toughest one, because it’s not something you just do manually right.

You have to actually work with someone. It’s not that you just can pay money and get traffic right. You have to not only find people who are willing to work with you, but like build credibility and make it make sense for someone to go from their Audience to yours.

So what I mean by collaboration would be like a podcast. You do you’d be a guest on a podcast you’d, be a guest on someone else’s blog, and you write an article on someone else’s blog. Other ways are like going live with someone else and like on social media.

Like especially instagram is a big one for that or twitter spaces, and all these different types of partnerships, like collaborations, which makes sense that’s What it’s called it it it’s actually the hardest, because you have to have the most credibility and offer the most value up front. Not only to the creator, but the creator’s audience right. So then that way it makes sense for people to go from their audience to your audience.

So it is an option, but it is the toughest, in my opinion, based on my own experience as well. To Get collaborations that make sense and have had it happen multiple times in the past, for me, and it’s been a good experience, so that’s the type! So so you have your landing page right, get that done today right as soon as you’re done right here. Okay and then the next thing you do is get traffic social, traffic’s, great paid, traffic’s, great collaboration, traffic.

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