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3 Ways To Build Email List From Twitter

3 Ways To Build Email List From Twitter

Hey it’s gabe here and i’m back in the studio aka my car and today we’re gon na go over three ways. You can build your email list from twitter and they’re completely for free and it’s really cool, because over the last 30 days i’ve been able to gain 82 new subscribers to my email list with 50 of those coming from twitter.

1. Write Email Subscription Link In Bio

So if you’re watching this from that, thank you so much for being here and with that said, let’s get into these Three strategies now the first one is the most obvious one, but I still to this day see people missing out on this opportunity, which is having A link to sign up to your email list or download your free lead magnet in the bio. So you have your your normal bio good picture, good header, all that kind of stuff. But then I think it’s a really smart idea to have it an opportunity to join your newsletter right in the bio and a little hack is to use the location entry to Give a little bit of a pitch to say, hey, join my get my emails or Get my free report get my video series whatever it is that you want to give away give that location tag as a little bit of a pitch, and then you have your newsletter signup link or your main website or, however, you want to do it, but have An opportunity for people to join your email list in your bio and it works.

I’ve had a lot of people sign up specifically from there and it’s a really good time. So With that said, the next strategy is what I like to call the direct pitch. Why do I call it that? Because it’s a direct pitch now, I don’t actually think it’s a good idea to do a direct pitch to your newsletter on the timeline.

But if you have a lead magnet that is, that you’re giving away a product of like what could be sold for money but you’re, giving it away for free to build your email list. That can work pretty good, sometimes, but there’s a better way to do it, which i’ll talk about in a little bit. But I will say this strategy still does work like every so often, maybe like you could do it once a day or every other day.

Every third day, but every so often it’s good to be like hey, I have a newsletter if you want to be a part of it, go ahead, click this link and sign up and that’s a really good strategy to get a couple new subscribers per week and Sometimes, if you have a bigger following a couple new subscribers per day, or maybe even more than that, depending upon how many followers you have who haven’t already joined your email list – and this is a good way to do it, but there’s another way. That’s also a direct pitch which I think is a little bit better, which is promoting content. So if you have a blog, if you have a medium account, if you have a youtube channel, if you have a podcast, If you promote these pieces of content on your twitter and have those pieces of content promote your newsletter you’re going to have the most interested People signing up for your newsletter because they’re going ahead to check out the free content right and if they’re going to go check out like a 10 minute, youtube, video or they’re, going to go check out an hour-long, podcast or they’re going to go.

2. Write a Blog Post and Share

Read a third. A thousand to 3 000 word blog post or anything like that. If they’re going to go ahead and consume all that content and then decide to join then you’re in a really good spot, and I think that’s a really really powerful way to go now.

Of course my videos aren’t that long and I don’t have a long podcast or anything like that. But i’ve noticed some people have been joining more often from youtube and I share or i’m actually on my blog and I share on Twitter quite a bit and I can actually see in my analytics which links people are signing up from and I know certain videos Perform better than others, which is really cool to see. So that’s a really good way to do is uh, promote blog posts, medium account, youtube channel, podcast as content and then have those content pieces promote your newsletter.

So it’s a little bit of a second step, but it’s really really powerful. Now, the third one, the third strategy, i’m about to share With you right now – has resulted in over 24 people subscribing to my email list in a single day when I usually get maybe like one to three on average, sometimes more. Sometimes i’ve had plenty of days with zero, but on average like one to three but one day doing this one thing I gained over 24 subscribers in a day.

3. Make A Viral Tweet

So what is this this is that whole thing where you used to see Really viral tweets. Have someone promote their soundcloud under that tweet like it turned into a meme and then there’s other products that people will promote under viral tweets these days, but that’s a whole different story. We’re not going to talk about that.

What we are going to talk about is promoting your own newsletter, lead magnet piece of content, whatever you want to Promote under tweets that do better than average, and you try to get that as soon as possible. So, let’s just say, you’re a newer account and you’re getting like three to five likes per tweet. That’s pretty cool because with twitter, the like count is always so much less than the following account: it’s not anything like instagram or tick.

Tock right. If you’re getting like three to five Likes on average, and then you have a tweet that gets like 10 or 15 likes, definitely promote your own newsletter below that tweet and here’s. Why there’s two reasons? First, off you’re going to be able to have more opportunities for people to join your email list and, secondly, it’ll actually boost your original tweet, which is proven to be more popular than normal back up in the timeline.

So we can get More views and potentially more likes and retweets and more comments which actually comments are incredibly powerful on twitter and which will in turn get more eyeballs on the tweet below the original tweet. So the one that promotes your newsletter will get more eyeballs because it pushes it back up and it’s a really really good strategy and that’s exactly how I was able to get the 24 subscribers in A day when I normally get a lot less is because I Had one tweet gain an extra 100 new likes, which i’ve talked about in a previous video and because of that a whole lot of people saw that promotional tweet that I had already put there. But then I reshared that original tweet.

It got a lot more attention and a lot more eyeballs and a lot more people subscribed, which that Tweet, I think, is like coming up on 200 likes, which is pretty cool. So with that said, between those three strategies, you should have no problem being able to build your email list and get 15 20 30 even way more than that subscribers per week from a free strategy. Now I actually do use a tool to help me promote my twitter called hype, fury i’m not going to do like any affiliate, promo or anything Like that.

But if you want to check it out – and you have any questions about it – let me know, which is how i’m able to auto, promote things under my tweets. I get over 10 likes automatically and then i’m also able to re-share old posts and how i’m able to do all this stuff without lifting a finger and i’m actually able to run sales on my twitter timeline that disappear after they’re done, which is pretty cool. So it doesn’t clog up the timeline too much.

So that’s What I do for that, but with that said, I do want to share one video, because if you want to build your email list from twitter, but you don’t have a following yet let’s say you have two or three hundred followers the number one thing You want to focus on before building your email list is growing your audience now. I still think it’s good to have a link in your bio, but I think it’s really important to gain that following and if You still haven’t gained a following. What I do, what I recommend is you watch this video right here, because this video will show you exactly what you need to do and tell you exactly what to do when to do it in order to get your first 1000 followers and you can use these Same principles, in order to help you grow even further and now we’re coming up on my account up to 2 700 followers, which is pretty amazing, that’s so Many people.

So if you’re following me on twitter, thank you. If you’re not go ahead, check it out, see what I post see, how I do it and you’ll see that not every tweet goes well in fact, a lot of tweets, don’t, but it’s a matter of testing and improving and growing and growing like not only the Account but like your skills, so with that said, go ahead watch this video right here should have popped up by now and go learn how to build your audience And the strategies that i’ve used to help myself grow quite a bit. So thank you for being here.

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