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Revealing 2 Of My Favorite Online Business Tools

Revealing 2 Of My Favorite Online Business Tools

Revealing My Favorite Online Business Tools with 2 different tools that I use every single day to build my info product business.

1. Hypefury

The next thing that I use every single day is a service called Hypefury. Now this is a platform that was originally designed specifically for twitter and the cool thing about it is You can schedule twitter threads, so the tweets that reply to itself, so you can kind of almost create like a mini blog, post or or an in-depth blog post Straight out of twitter, which is really really cool, but they’ve also integrated a lot of other features since launch. So now, for example, I can send out an automated instagram post using a tweet and they’ll, actually create the image and post it on instagram.

For you, you can write the caption in there and schedule It out. It’s really really cool. You can also automate posts to linkedin on the pro pro plan.

Like the the top plan, you can do both of those you can also schedule posts to facebook all from creating one tweet, so I actually have content going in multiple places just from creating tweets and scheduling those out now it gets even cooler than that because it Also will automatically retweet your tweets, so you can get more exposure and New eyeballs on your tweets automatically it’ll. Do it for you after one hour three hours. However, the duration that you want uh, I would say, like three hours or 12 hours of the best way to go it’ll, also automatically reply to your own tweets that get attention.

So that way you can promote and newsletter. You can promote a youtube channel like i’m doing lately, you can promote a product, a service. Anything you want to promote.

You can automatically promote under your tweets after they get a certain amount of likes, which is really really cool, really really helpful, and it just helps me get attention and build. My twitter account more and that’s how i’m getting a steady 100 000 impressions a month and we’re actually growing a little bit and that’s really really cool to see now. The final reason I like this is because you can automate Sales on twitter, so essentially you’ll, post, a tweet that says here’s a sale on this product.

If you want to give a discount, you can give a discount and then it’ll say you can either choose a certain number of sales you want to reach, or you can set a certain duration of time and then after that has been reached, whether it’s the time Or the number of sales, the entire thing will delete itself and what the entire thing is is You can set reminders on the sale so say you have a two hour sale. You can set a reminder for like and 45 minutes left 30 minutes. Left.

15 minutes left and it’ll reply to the tweet, which will boost the tweet back into the timeline and then at that end of the sale, no matter what happens, it’ll delete it. So it can clean up your timeline and it’s like it never happened, which is it’s a really really cool feature? It hasn’t got me a ton of Sales, but it has got me a notable amount of sales and it’s much more than paid for my monthly subscription, which is really really cool. So all those features combined make it a very, very powerful thing now.

2. Gumroad

The last thing that I use that I want to talk about today is gumroad, and this is a really cool platform, because you can host products, it’s all secure, you can take payments through it and it just makes it a really Simple and organized way and the Apps are really cool, there’s an app for the content that you buy and there’s an app for the creators, so you can track sales and all that kind of stuff, and the reason I still use it to this day is because it is just so simple and I’ve tried to come up with, like my own membership sites, for my own video content or for my own ebooks, and I couldn’t make it as easy as it is on. Gumroad, like the Login process, is hard to create on your own and without paying hundreds of dollars a month to get the tools that I think, would actually do quite well. Um, it is free, I mean that’s pretty cool.

The fees are a little bit high, but they’re very, very reasonable, especially if you’re just getting started. So you really don’t have to worry about anything. So when you go on one of my sales pages that I created on my blog, you can go ahead and scroll down and you Can actually make the purchase on my site, but it is processed through gumroad and gumroad will host the content.

So people can go ahead and log in and then get the content through the gumroad platform and they can download the gumroad app and that will actually host all the content. So if they have multiple products, they can check it out. All on that, one app, which is really cool, of course, the desktop as well – and it just makes things So simple.

Now it gets actually a little bit better. Even though I use aweber for all of my email marketing, you can actually set up automated campaigns to go through gumroad. So, let’s just say you have your daily email or your weekly email through aweber, and then you make a sale awesome.

What you can do, after that is set out a campaign on that particular product for only people that have bought that Particular product and maybe offer another product or a service or coaching or whatever. It is that you want to do, but it’s specific to people who have already purchased that one product and that’s incredibly powerful and it’s something I probably should do. But I haven’t yet.

I have like one or two products with automated emails and it does make a difference. It makes a really big difference in terms of maybe recommending something else or asking For reviews or asking for questions or any kind of things that you can use in future content that you create around that product. It’s a very powerful feature and you can also make sure that people are getting the results that you promised out of your product.

There’s a lot of different things you can do and have it set up specifically to that product and it’s just awesome. It’s a pretty cool service and that’s one of the reasons Why I still use it to this day, even though there are more robust solutions, it’s just a really good way, because, mainly because of the product hosting and it’s so simple and the notifications, the gumroad notifications Are a bit of an addiction so with all that said, those are the main tools I use and again, like I said in the beginning, I could probably get away with only using aweber for everything, and I Know that they’re actually going to be working on some Better product solutions for creators, so that would be really cool to see. Of course, i’ll definitely talk about that in a future video, but that’s all I got for now.

Thank you so much for being here and actually one more thing. If you found this video interesting, you might also find this video interesting right here where I actually talk about the biggest mistakes gumroad creators Make, but it goes deeper because it’s not just for gumroad. It actually applies to anyone selling a product.

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