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2 Best Online Business Tools For 2022

2 Best Online Business Tools For 2022

Hey today we’re going to talk about a few different tools that I use every single day to build my info product business, which means ebooks courses and all that kind of stuff and realistically the First tool we’re going to talk about could be the only tool that I use but make things a little bit more complicated for myself, just because i’m stuck in my old ways, but Realistically the first tool I could use to build the entire thing now that tool Is aweber email marketing?

1. Aweber

Now, of course, you get the email marketing like automations and broadcast emails, and all that kind of stuff, which is excellent, but you can also build an entire sales funnel straight off the platform, meaning you can build an opt-in page to get subscribers. You can build a thank you page and a confirmation page completely customized to your business.

You can also Build sales pages and take payments through stripe all through the platform which is so cool. You don’t need 17 different services to just get started, get things moving and make sales, but we’ll get into what I use to actually take payments later on inside this video. But I love how everything is all in one.

It’s just so easy and so helpful to have everything in one place. You can just build it out of there and That’s why I use the tool because, of course, I send out my daily email promoting these videos, but i’ve also put out landing pages to sell. My ebook and I also put out landing pages to sell, like my trial, offer of copywriting services and it works so well.

It’s so easy to use and that’s why I like it now: there’s a ton of good services out there, but I just happened to pick aweber because i’ve known of them for a very long time and I use them Since 2013 on and off and i’ve tried A couple other services, but I always keep going back to aweber and now we’re here to stay. So it’s a really really good service definitely recommended they have a free trial and you can also pay for the basic plan. The basic pro plan for 20 bucks a month for under 500 subscribers – it’s like it’s, it’s so low cost because you get all those features built in and you can take it way more advanced than I do.

If you have a specific business that has specific products, you can send out specific tags to each specific subscriber who expresses a specific interest and then sell those specific products through specific emails and make it very very specific, which is incredibly powerful. If you want to go through setting all that up – or you can take my approach and just send a daily email to everyone – so that’s that’s a great tool right there. I love the Service and you can build an entire business straight out of one single platform.

2. WordPress

So, moving on the next thing I use is wordpress. Now, if you don’t want to set all this up, you don’t have to because there’s a lot of good blogging sites out there like medium, is a great one, and that’s really the only one. I can think of right now that I would recommend, but you can build an entire like content Empire straight at a medium.

That gets you traffic and builds an audience, and you can promote products through there. So what I do with my wordpress blog is, I actually integrate it with aweber. So then, that way at the bottom, every post at the bottom, at the top of my website and in various places across my website, I have subscribed forms that bring people over to my aweber list.

Now you don’t need to do this, like I said, But I like to do this because i’ve been a blogger quote unquote since 2009. That’s how I got my start and it’s just one thing that I really like to do, and there is a lot of long-term potential in a blog that you own on your own domain, because, for example, I don’t think it’s going to happen. But if medium decided to shut down – and you based your entire content business on medium or maybe they change the algorithm – or maybe they change the Terms and your particular content doesn’t work on that site anymore.

You lose everything right, but on your own site, even if google kicks you off, you can still get traffic from social. You own the content. You can back up the content which you can do on other sites too, but you can always keep your content because you own the site and everything – and I think it’s a smart thing to do again – not 100 mandatory.

But I think it’s Very smart to do and actually going back to aweber. I think it’s also a smart thing to export and back up your list on a website export and back up your content. That way, you can just have full ownership of the stuff that you create, so moving on.

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